MARCH 4, 2019
IME: 7:30PM
WHERE: Clinton Hunter Police Substation meeting room, 404 Ralph Albanedo Drive, Austin, TX 78748
We will be discussing how to form our neighborhood watch group. Senior Police Officer Philip Kelly, who is our APD District Representative, plans to attend. I am looking forward to meeting every one who has been responding to the crime & safety postings and everyone else who is interested in improving the crime situation in the Armadillo Park Neighborhood. A huge thank you to Officer Kelly and APD for providing us with a meeting space! – Kim Gamble from Turtle Creek Blvd


Status of the APNA July 2018

From President, Brian McGiverin:
I thought y’all would benefit from a brief update. In short, APNA is in a period of dormancy.

I was elected president of APNA for the Nov. 2016 – Oct. 2017 term. At the end, I decided not to run again because I was too busy with other obligations, but I was not successful at soliciting interest for a new slate of board candidates. We reached out via email, Facebook, and NextDoor, without much luck.

If you’re interested in being a new leader for the group, drop me a line at armadilloparkna@gmail.com. The members of our last board and other former boards are still around — I’m sure we’d all be happy to orient you to how it works.

Also, we recently realized folks who had paid their dues through PayPal may have been getting auto-billed for another year of dues ($10). We are going to refund that money.

How can you get involved in the NA?

We’re looking for committee members and leaders. If you have an idea about how to improve our community, and want to work with your neighbors to make some magic happen, please shoot us an email at armadilloparkna@gmail.com.

What kind of work might the NA do?

  • Keep the community apprised of City and development changes affecting our quality of life, allowing us to have an active part in our neighborhood’s future.
  • Work with City staff to effectively address our pressing neighborhood needs (such as traffic and safety issues).
  • Fund raise for projects that will benefit our community.
  • Organize the community in neighborhood improvement projects and even maybe have some fun!
    NOTE: There are neighbors already doing some of these things!!!

How can neighbors learn more?