Lonestar Rail Update, January 2015

Here’s an update from Francis Reilly with the City of Austin regarding Lonestar Rail:

[Note from APNA: Meetings are scheduled around the region within the next few days as well]

“Lonestar Regional Rail held an open house in Austin [on Jan. 21]. If you missed it, you can view posters and submit comments online at http://eis.lonestarrail.com/

This virtual open house is part of the initial stage of creating an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), a federal requirement for evaluating potential direct, indirect, and cumulative effects of large construction projects and the operation of major transportation systems. The EIS analyzes aspects such as:

  • regional transportation system impacts (including all modes and effects on congestion);
  • air quality impacts;
  • noise and vibration impacts (in accordance with FRA/FTA guidelines);
  • impacts to water quality and water resources including surface and groundwater, wetlands, rivers, and streams, and floodplains;
  • impacts to historic, archaeological, and cultural resources;
  • impacts to threatened and endangered species and protected habitats;
  • impacts on farm and range lands;
  • socioeconomic impacts including environmental justice communities;
  • impacts on land use and potential displacements;
  • hazardous materials; and
  • impacts to aesthetic and visual resources.

The South Austin Combined Neighborhood Plan calls for a station at Stassney/Manchaca as part of the Civic Center (ftp://ftp.ci.austin.tx.us/npzd/Austingo/SACNP_FINAL.pdf, p.24). Let Lonestar know if you want this station location considered as their Environmental Impact Statement review process kicks off.

If you have questions, please contact the Lonestar team listed on the project page: http://eis.lonestarrail.com/