Odom Elementary Campus Advisory Committee Update, February 2015

Karen Hachman, who serves as a neighborhood representative on the Odom Elementary Campus Advisory Committee, recently attended the group’s latest meeting. Here are some immediate things that we can do, Karen reports, to help the students at Odom. If you’re interested, email Karen at ncwebb (at) gmail.com.

  • “1) Donations for incentives for the Attendance Awards. Movie Tickets, Food and Beverage Cards, whatever might work
  • 2) If you have PTA experience, perhaps you could help the PTA organizers move forward.
  • 3) Grant Writer – it is mindboggling the amount of the budget that has to come from grants, and they are time consuming to apply for. Our teachers should be teaching our kids. If you have the time and knowledge, perhaps you might want to help out.
  • 4) Green Team Mentor – is that for you? Let me know, so I can check with the Science teacher to see exactly what is needed.
  • 5) We still need a local business owner on the Campus Advisory Committee.”

We’ve posted her full notes here. You can join our Odom Elementary School Support Committee – email us at armadilloparkna@gmail.com!