Invasives Be Gone! from Armadillo Park

A crew from The Texas Conservation Corps (TCC) of American Youthworks will be working in Armadillo Park next week. Weather permitting, the TCC crew will likely work Monday and possibly part of Tuesday removing larger invasive trees and plants then will spot treat poison ivy throughout the park with herbicide.

The herbicide to be used in upland areas is a Triclopyr product by the tradename Garlon 3A. Creeks, and other water areas will be given a 10 ft. buffer within which only a water-safe glyphosate berbicide will be used. Poison Ivy will be treated with Ortho Max poison ivy & tough brush killer. Target stumps will be cut with handsaws or chainsaws and herbicide will be applied to the stump only, using spray bottles. Any on-site mixing will be done in a closed-basin. Required PPE for herbicide applicators will be long-sleeve shirts and latex or vinyl gloves. Glasses will be worn if mixing any herbicide.

No herbicide will be applied in the event of a greater than 30% chance of rain or 10mph or greater sustained winds or radar confirmation of rain within 15 miles of the site. Cutting and brush processing may still occur under these weather conditions, but all herbicide use will be put on hold.

This project was made possible by an Austin City Limits grant from the Austin Parks Foundation and approved the by the City of Austin Parks & Recreation Department.
We can’t thank the Austin Parks Foundation enough!

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