Mobility money input needed

The City Council is, at this moment, making decisions about where to put their transportation budget monies to work. Now is the time for you to reach out to CM Garza to tell her what is most important to our neighborhood and hopefully get some of that money sent our way.  These are the recommendations the APNA has sent to CM Garza. If you feel strongly about improving our neighborhood’s transportation issues please contact her at your very earliest convenience. You can tell her that you support the APNA’s recommendations or you can tell her where YOU think monies should be focused. She needs to hear from us to know what we need most. Council will decide on these budget issues at their November meeting, so don’t delay!
Council Member Delia Garza
District 2
photo by Kathryn Harper on flickr's creative commons

photo by Kathryn Harper on flickr’s creative commons

ALSO, the APNA Traffic Committee could use some help. If you’d like to serve on this committee (or even lead it…I’m looking at you!), let us know at Thanks!

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