Project Management and Landscaping help needed at Armadillo Park


The Armadillo Park (Park) Committee is so grateful to Austin Parks Foundation (APF)  for the grant they provided to them to improve the park by adding new native plantings.

They are in IMMEDIATE need of some volunteers to assist with the following to help prepare for and participate in a BIG planting day at the park – NOVEMBER 7th.

AP fall 2015 2B AP fall 2015B AP fall 2015 3B

They need volunteers at any experience level (see below list of needs), but if you happen to have landscaping knowledge your help would be most appreciated!

  • Measure & Sketch planting areas in the park (mid-late October)
  • Set up accounts w/ nurseries & Order plants (late October-early November)
  • Pick up plants (early November)
  • Coordinate mulch delivery for Nov. 6th with APF
  • Mark planting locations at Armadillo Park (Very early November)
  • Procure healthy snacks, breakfast tacos, iced water, Gatorades for volunteers and transport to the park on Nov. 7
  • Attend park work day on November 7th
    • Assist with set up at 8am on November 7th
    • Demonstrate planting & mulching if any volunteers need training
    • Planting & mulch in teams of 3-4 people

If you can help in any small or large way please email Kimberly Gamble at


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