PETITION: Get more money for parks in South Austin – It’s easy

The 78744 and 78745 GAVA (Go Austin/Vamos Austin) parks teams wrote a letter to the Open Spaces Committee to encourage them to use some of the $1.15 Parks Package to improve parks in 78744 and 78745. We plan to present the letter and a petition to the Open Spaces Committee at their December 1, 2015 meeting. The more support from South Austin neighbors we can get the better. Sign the petition to make our voice louder here. We feel confident that, with enough community support, they will  allot the funds equitably across parks in Austin, giving the funds to parks that need them most – those in your neighborhood!


One thought on “PETITION: Get more money for parks in South Austin – It’s easy

  1. Isn’t the Parks Package amount $1.15 million overall? We’ll be signing the petition! We want to thank PARD for budgeting monies for developing and maintaining Armadillo & Odom School Parks. A special gratitude of thanks goes to Austin Parks Foundation for a $2500 APF-ACL grant for Armadillo Park. The grant was used not only to remove invasive trees and spot treat poison ivy in the spring of 2015, but to also purchase the many native Texas plants installed on November 14, 2015. Huge kudos and thanks go out to indispensable volunteers who cleared the parkland removing invasive plants and continue to restore the park by planting native Texas wildflower seeds, wildflower plants, bushes, and small specimen trees, mulching trees and removing plants which pop up through the trails. God bless you everyone!

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