Awesome news about Armadillo Park!

The Armadillo Park Neighborhood Association just learned that the City of Austin has acquired an ownership interest in the strip of land just north of the park. Some of you may be aware of this, but for those of you that aren’t, the strip of land between the telephone lines and the houses was privately owned. PARD didn’t have the legal standing to maintain this property and we were not officially allowed to clear it or work on it on the park work days. Consequently, this land remained overgrown even after the park was developed.

The COA has purchased a 50% undivided interest in the land from one of the owners. This is what will allow PARD to maintain the land so that it won’t be so overgrown. This acquisition has been in the works for many months, as the owners of the remaining 50% interest in the land cannot be located. These individuals, who may or may not be alive, are the heirs of a man who died without a will.

APNA appreciates the support of City Council Member Delia Garza’s staff, as they helped to connect us to the COA staff who were in a position to resolve the situation and the visibility with a city council member helped make sure that things kept moving. We are also thankful for individuals in the COA Real Estate Department and with PARD, who listened to us and worked toward an equitable solution for all parties.


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