Austin Recycles Games: Ten districts. Four months. Who will win?

Did you know that almost half of everything that we throw in the trash here in Austin could have been actually been recycled? That’s a waste of $4.7 million in recyclables each year.

The Austin Recycles Games is a competition among Austin’s 10 city council districts; the goal of the games is to increase residential recycling and create awareness of barriers residents face. During the period of December 2015 through March 2016, the Austin Recycles Games will calculate how many pounds of recyclables were collected per household in each district.

Districts can win in two categories: Most overall recycling and Most improved. The winning districts will receive a beautification project for a library or public park.

HOW CAN YOU HELP OUR DISTRICT WIN? If you’ve been using your blue City of Austin recycling cart you are already helping District 2 compete. Let’s be sure to toss  ALL of our recyclables “IN THE BIN FOR THE WIN!”

Our City Council Member, Delia Garza, would like your input on what District 2 should do if we win and as well as your feedback on Cap Metro passenger needs. Click here to learn more about this.




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