Odom Park Team – Upcoming meeting and action you can take today

IMG_2563Join Us
Odom School Park Team MEETING
Saturday, March 11th, 4pm
Odom School Park (next to the basketball court)
We’ll give an update on the park and strategize on next steps. Bring your good ideas!

Take Action Now
Can’t wait until March 11th to do something for Odom School Park?
AISD recently released their Facilities Conditions Assessment (FCA). That plan provides grades for each school’s facilities, including their outdoor play and exercise areas.
Check out Odom’s FCA. They give Odom’s landscaping and play fields A grades, but we think there’s plenty of room for improvement. The park surrounding Odom is our community center and provides a pleasant places for Odom students, families, and neighbors to start and maintain healthy lifestyles. Advocating for excellence in our park is our duty. Let AISD know how you think Odom School Park can be improved by emailing them at AISD_FCA


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