Do you love Odom School Park?

Hello, Odom School Park lovers!odom-2

If you’ve been by the park lately, you know that the City has started their playground renovations. In addition to the new playscape, they will be installing a new shaded sitting area that our park team got funding for through the wonderful Austin Parks Foundation.

In order to meet our grant requirements, we will be having a park beautification day! We’ll be cleaning up litter and painting. There will also be Zumba!

Saturday, June 10th 8-11am is the big day.
This is your chance to help. Take a look at the below list of needs and email us at if you can help us prepare for the best park beautification day evah!
Anytime before June 10th
Flier distribution: Get some exercise and meet your neighbors by distributing awesome fliers around the ‘hood. 
Weekend of June 3rd

Distribute 4 signs around the neighborhood.

June 9th
Pick up materials from APF: They will provide all the paint, brushes, and other tools for our project, but we need someone with a car to pick it up from their offices on the East side the day before the event.

THE BIG DAY – June 10th
Set up: Meet at the park at 7:30am to help get things ready.
Clean-up crew leader: No litter in the park! That is our goal and we need someone to motivate others to pick up every little thing.odom4
Creative director: We’ll need someone to lead the painting projects we’ve got in store. If you can open a paint can, you are perfectly qualified.
Break down: Help us get everything packed up at 11am.
June 10th or 11th
Pick up 4 signs from around the neighborhood.
Thank you for helping us out!

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