Steering Committee

How did we start?

We are the Armadillo Park Neighborhood Association and we’d like to say, “HI!” Over the last few months a group of your neighbors have gotten together to discuss the possibility of starting a City of Austin registered Neighborhood Association (NA) in the Woodhue area. We decided it was a great idea and the first decision we made was to name it the Armadillo Park Neighborhood Association.  We think this name pays tribute to those who have worked at improving our neighborhood for years (the Woodhue Community Neighborhood Watch and Friends of Armadillo Park) – and their work making Armadillo Park what it has become – a beautiful focal point for our community.  And we think it totally represents South Austin in a way no other name could.

The APNA Steering Committee held the APNA’s First Member Meeting & Officer Election October 26, 2014 and with that meeting the NA came into existence and an Executive Board was elected and the Steering Committee disbanded.

Why make all the fuss?

This neighborhood is getting ready to be in the middle of some big changes:

  • The City is working on the recently written, soon to be reviewed, South Austin Combined Neighborhood Plan
  • Single member City Council elections will be here before we know it and we need to make sure our Council member represents us.
  • The city is working on a Land Development Code rewrite (“CodeNext“) and we need to engage the community to be a part of that process so that our neighborhood reflects us.

The Steering Committee’s Mission was to…
Create a Neighborhood Association in order to enhance the quality of life for neighbors in a changing South Austin community, through involvement, communication, and city recognition.

APNA Steering Committee Members:
Laura Bucaro, Chair
Henrietta Cameron-Mann, Secretary
Ken Craig
Eva Gonzales
Judy Julian
Sher Neely