The Armadillo Park Neighborhood Association is here to ‘create community within our community’, as our tagline says. We want you to know your neighbors and be an advocate for your community.

Check out the wonderful description and history of our Armadillo Park neighborhood, written by longtime resident Jackie Goodman!

What are the boundaries of the Armadillo Park Neighborhood Association?
Click here to see the boundaries. Generally, we’re bounded by Stassney, South First, Matthews Lane (below William Cannon) and the railroad tracks.

I live in this area – how can I become a member?
Visit this page for a link to download the application and for further instructions.

So are you an HOA or what?
No, we are not an HOA. The Neighborhood Association is a group of residents or property owners who advocate for or organize activities within a neighborhood. We have elected leaders and may implement voluntary dues. Learn more about the differences.

So what do you do?
Lots of stuff! If you have an idea about how to improve our community, and want to work with your neighbors to make some magic happen, please come join us! Here are some things that we are doing/might do in the future:

  • Keep the community apprised of City and development changes affecting our quality of life, allowing us to have an active part in our neighborhood’s future.
  • Work with City staff to effectively address our pressing neighborhood needs (such as traffic and safety issues).
  • Fund raise for projects that will benefit our community.
  • Organize the community in neighborhood improvement projects and even maybe have some fun!

Okay, so who’s in charge?
At our first general member meeting in October 2014, APNA members elected an Executive Board. They’ll serve for one year, and a new board will be elected each fall. Items are brought before the general membership as governed by the bylaws; all APNA members in attendance at a meeting can vote on the item. You can read more about the start of our neighborhood association here.