Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who made the Party in the Park such a success. We couldn’t have had such a good time without you!!!

Thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate with us.
See pictures via the Friends of ARmadillo Park Facebook page here.

Thank you to our dignitaries who came to help us celebrate.
Travis County Constable, Pct. 3, Sally Hernandez
Texas State House Representative, District 48, Donna Howard
John Fuller, aide to Congressman Lloyd Doggett

Thank you to the below local businesses for their contributions to the Party in the Park. 
Visit theses businesses who care about our community:

Austin Acoustical Cafe
The Herb Bar
Krispy Kreme Austin
Star Cakes Bakery
Strange Brew Coffee
Super Cuts
Top Cash Pawn & Loan
Wheatsville Food Co-op
ireless Freedom

Thank you to the below neighbors who donated time, energy, and funds to make the party so wonderful:

Amon Batheja
Amy Batheja
Carol Huber
Carolyn Shelley
Cindy Moss
David Valley
Estrella Gonzalez
Eva Gonzales
Henrietta Cameron-Mann
James Yelvington
Judy Julian
Julia Lopez
Karen Webb Hachman
Ken Craig
Kim Gamble
Kyle Rhodes
Laura Bucaro
LaVerne Stewart
LeeAnn McVay
Liliana Merubia
Lynn Goodman-Strauss
Paul Lopez
Rose Reyes
Scott Gamble
Sher Neely

Thank you to all Armadillo Park volunteers!
We wouldn’t have a park to celebrate without the volunteers who have worked tirelessly, through the years, to make Armadillo Park beautiful. Some, but we’re sure not ALL, are listed below:

Ali Vasko
Allison Miller
Allison Wooten
Angela Corrigan
Angie Hardy
Betty Davis
Bill Stout
Brennan Hodgson
Brook Davis
Buck Abell
Carol Huber
Carol Sahm
Charlie Maples
Chelsea Knezevich
Cheryl Abell
Christian Kenyon
Cindy Moss
Daniel ABell
Daniel Hatchell
Debbie D. Carter
Eduardo Belalcazar
Elizabeth Stuckman
Eric Couchesne
Erik Stearns
Ethan Cuevas Gonzales
Eva Gonzales
Franchesca Carraballo
Francis Reilly
Gary Franklin
Geoff Luke
Hang Bui
Hannah Clark
Henrietta Cameron-Mann
Imani Davis
Ivey Kaiser
Jack Stewart
Jake Lam
Jason Perez
Jen Morales
Jenifer Duncan
Jessica Murray
Joe Valentino
John Fuhrman
John S. Corrigan
Jonathan Engelhardt
Jordan Burk
Jorge Garcia
Joshua Scott
Judy Julian
Julia Lopez
Karen Hachman
Ken Craig
Kevin Machon
Kimberly Gamble
Kush Musumdar
Kyle Rhodes
Larry Nickels
Laura Bucaro
LaVerne Stewart
Lee Ann Clark McVay
Luis Dominguez
Lumai N’hpang
Lumay Gonzalez
Madiha Mohiuddin
Marcy Hamlen
Margaret Valenti
Margot Rochon
Maria Teresa Contreras
Mary Ann Carney
Matt Femz
Matthew Pribadi
Michael Rosen
Michael Stanbury
Morgan Srubar
Pat Maples
Paul Lopez
Paula J. Tarver
Richard Maness
Rick Liao
Robin Matthews
Robin Neumayer
Sai Gourisankar
Sally Baulch
Sam Ricotta
Scott Gamble
Sigrid Cliff
Simon Nickels
Simone Montemorra
Steven Lee
Tania de Souza
Teresa Wu
Todd Nicodemus
Tony Ample
Twila Willis
Tyler Abell
Will Adams
Will Reitzes


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